Discover Philippe Cramer’s artist studio and gallery in the Metaverse

The Cramerverse is a virtual space in which you will have the opportunity to discover a selection of Philippe’s new artworks and participate in creative experiences with him and his team, from the comfort of your own home. For The Cramerverse, Philippe has created digital twins of his existing work as well as new virtual works of art, available for order as real world pieces. Collectors will therefore have the possibility to have both the digital version for use in their own metaverse space and the physical version in their real-world house.

Best practice mini-guide for a successful exploration of the Cramerverse :

The Cramerverse is hosted on the Spatial platform. Before entering, you will be asked to fill out your email address and your name.
The second step will be to create your avatar. It is not obligatory, but it’s quick and fun to do. Just let the Spatial interface guide you.
Once in, just move around using the arrows on your keyboard or a joystick if you have one. Bear in mind that the experience is much more immersive using an Oculus or any other virtual reality device. Have a great experience!

Philippe will be happy to discuss special projects by appointment in The Cross, his main virtual gallery. With his team, he will also answer any general enquiries about the work you have seen in the Cramerverse, whether you are interested to acquire it for your own virtual space or as real-life artworks.

For collection holders of the “Apotropaic Amulets” digital artworks

Coming soon, Philippe’s “Apotropaic Amulets” digital art holders will have access to a second and private collectors-only space in which they will be able to interact with Philippe’s avatar and participate in some of the creative experiences he is developing.

Apotropaic Amulet holders will also have first choice to acquire new work before it is unveiled to the public.

Philippe will be happy to take you through mindful and original experiences in his digital space: The Cramerverse.

Defining the Metaverse
With an exact definition still in flux, the metaverse can tentatively be described as a digital world that exists beyond the one in which we live. In this virtual universe, a variety of experiences and assets are offered to your “almost-me” avatar (or alter-ego if you prefer).
The most interesting aspect of this new technology is that instead of just viewing content – which is what the internet, WEB2 offers – you are now inside it, allowing you to interact with it and other avatars, spatially and intellectually. And this can be done synchronously by a large number of users, each with an individual sense of presence. Once you own an NFT, virtual reality device or crypto asset, you have joined the metaverse just as you once joined the internet by using Netscape or creating your first email address on Yahoo.

    Philippe Cramer - Geneva Designer

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