Apotropaic Amulets, 2022

The “Apotropaic Amulets” are Philippe Cramer’s first digital art secured as NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens).
They are created as a series of 6 artworks in .gif format each minted on the Polygon network in an edition of 28 and numbered.
The “Apotropaic Amulets” have for symbolic purpose to avert the Evil Eye and bring goodness to you.
Have these beneficial presences guard over you by keeping them on your computer, your phone, or placing them on a wall of your house in the metaverse.


“Grrrr” will fight for you and for your right to show your worth and inner beauty.
Property: Evil-eye repellent / Quality: Luminous / Also Known As: The Star / Color: Yellow / Character: Joy & Vigor
Edition of 28, numbered individually.


“Krrrrr” will defend you against all creepy entities, all angles ready for battle.
Property: Evil-eye repellent / Quality: Strong / Also Known As: The Rock / Color: Red / Character: Leadership & Force
Edition of 28, numbered individually.

dark shape slowly moving on a blue shaded background


“Bloouu” will be by your side at all times, a liquid friend to regenerate you, no matter what.
Property: Evil-eye repellent / Quality: Liquid / Also Known As: The Puddle / Color: Blue / Character: Confidence & Loyalty
Edition of 28, numbered individually.


“Mmmm” will be a guide for the perfect path to Nirvana, spreading love to whomever approaches.
Property: Evil-eye repellent / Quality: Rebirthed / Also Known As: The Egg / Color: Purple / Character: Insight & Wisdom
Edition of 28, numbered individually.


“Goooo” will watch over you in a gentle way, its’ soft tentacles encircling you for protection.
Property: Evil-eye repellent / Quality: Knowledgeable / Also Known As: The Octopus / Color: Violet / Character: Imagination & Luxury
Edition of 28, numbered individually.


“Muaaaa” will softly energize your inner strength to reach spiritual greatness.
Property: Evil-eye repellent / Quality: Determined / Also Known As: The Cross / Color: Orange / Character: Success & Warmth
Edition of 28, numbered individually.

These NFTs are a first step towards the Philippe Cramer metaverse experiences that he aspires to create.

The possibilities are endless but with this NFT Philippe wishes to grant you access into his future digital art lab. A metaspace in which he hopes to be offering artistic experiences and artworks for sale. As the metaverse is so new, we cannot yet tell you precisely when, how and where the digital art lab will be deployed but Philippe is very much looking forward to giving it life and hopefully enchant you.

For those who wish, you will have the possibility to “Swap&Burn” your NFT during a limited timeframe.
This means that from September 1 st 2022 until March 1 st 2023 you will have the option to swap the NFT you purchased for a IRL (In Real Life) sculpture inspired by it.
In the event you choose to proceed with this swap, we will request that you burn the NFT and send us proof before receiving the physical sculpture.
In the event you choose to keep the NFT and do not proceed with the swap, this very NFT will serve as a special access key to enter the digital art lab mentioned above.

The “Apotropaic Amulet” body of work was first developed in 2020 as large-scale wall sculptures for the critically acclaimed ephemeral installation “Night Fall”, a project initiated by Thomas Hug, director of ArtGenève art fair.
In 2021, Philippe created declinations of these artworks made in hand-hammered 18 carat gold. These sculptures can be exhibited on a wall in their own frames or worn as they are also brooches. He then set his focus on transforming these physical pieces into digital artworks, secured as NFT’s, to mirror his “real world” tangible art into the digital sphere.
They were unveiled during ArtGenève 2022. The « Apotropaic Amulets » now available for purchase for a limited time only on this shop.

Please revert to Philippe’s social media and/or his website to learn about future drops.
As we are in an ever-evolving world, don’t forget to check changes in the General Terms & Condition’s on the website. We promise to do our best effort to reflect and adapt to the expanding and maturing technologies, the legal framework as well as Philippe’s artistic vision.

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