Enameled Sculpture with Digital Art with NFT certification, 2022.

A series of 6 amulets each in 28 exemplars.
The « Apotropaic Amulets » have for symbolic purpose to avert the Evil Eye and bring goodness to you.

« Goooo » will watch over you in a gentle way, its’ soft tentacles encircling you for protection.

« Krrrrr » will defend you against all creepy entities, all angles ready for battle.

« Mmmm » will be a guide for the perfect path to Nirvana, spreading love to whomever approaches.

« Bloouu » will be by your side at all times, a liquid friend to regenerate you, no matter what.

« Grrrr » will fight for you and for your right to show your worth and inner beauty.
« Muaaaa » will softly energize your inner strength to reach spiritual greatness.