Sculptures, 2019

The pieces in the Harmonia Macrocosmica series are made of white marble, a sculptural work that evokes objects from liturgical rituals.

Each piece is devised like a white-stone basin and is inlaid with semi-precious stones. Amethysts, peridots, citrines, garnets, tourmalines and other precious stones are inlaid around the circumference of the marble elements or look as though they have been scattered on their surface, bestowing on the piece the status of a sacred object, not unlike the Eucharist chalices or tools of Roman Larariums (Gutus and Patera).

The stone used is a Philippe Cramer favourite: a pure-white marble with the striking characteristic that it is composed of large grains of crystals that react to light by sparkling, reminding him of the first snowfall. Renowned for its immaculate white colour, this crystalline marble from the Greek Cyclades was used by the most famous sculptors of antiquity to create masterpieces such as the Venus de Milo or the Victory of Samothrace. The special link this stone has with the world of ancient statuary resonates in the work of Philippe Cramer, who likes to build bridges between his work and past civilizations.

These pieces are hand-sculpted in an edition of 5 and 2 artist’s proofs per model. Each one has a unique arrangement of coloured stones and are numbered, dated and signed by the artist.

  • Material White marble and precious stones. Inlayed or affixed stones.
  • Dimensions Size Ø 20 x 30 ht cm Size Ø 34 x 18 ht cm. Size Ø 40 x 8 ht cm.
  • Each piece is unique, dated, and signed.
  • Edition of 5 pieces + 2 AP per model.