Luminous Sculpture, 2021

La Maison and Philippe Cramer introduce their collaborative work : OCULUS MIRABILIS, a luminous work that weaves together art and design, craftsmanship, technology and a dreamlike quality.

Created to the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle, this chrono-chromatic piece transforms with a metamorphosis of different colours. Mirroring the belief of the Ancient Egyptians that the sun is reborn each morning and dies at dusk, OCULUS MIRABILIS evokes the eternal cycle of Ouroboros, returning perpetually to its starting point after each complete cycle.

From the Latin words OCULUS, for eye, and MIRABILIS, meaning ‘amazing, wondrous, and remarkable’, the pared back design intrigues and captivates with its organic, natural rhythm.

As it follows its never ending cycle, the light emitted from the work transforms from gentle and diffuse, to vibrant and intense. Its chromatic nature and intensity of colours create a unique language with sometimes familiar tones suggestive of universal human emotions like joy, rage and bliss. Made by hand, the ring itself is created from fine casting plaster which emphasizes the delicacy of the work and which comes to life when it is switched on. The matt background is sublimely transformed as the light itself takes on an almost tangible quality, with each new colour delivering a new sensory dimension.

Brought to life by Philippe Cramer, this piece represents a new horizon for La Maison, as it is the first work of art it has produced.

  • Material Plaster, LED, metal and wood
  • Dimensions Diameter 104 cm x 5,5 cm
  • Edition of 15 + 4 artist proofs and 1 prototype
  • Collaboration Edited by La Maison lamaisoncreativedirection.ch