Functional sculpture, 2023

This new work, both sculpture and functional piece, testifies to Philippe Cramer’s interest in art placed outdoors.
The simplicity of the gesture, reminiscent of ancestral calligraphic pictograms, is sublimated thanks to the technical prowess of the stone carving. The artist likes to suggest the idea that the limestone, set for millennia, has been bent under the effect of a superior force.

Philippe Cramer also wishes to offer an invitation to interact with his work. The public is thus free to lie down on the piece, leaning against the inner curve of the loop, and enjoy a face-to-face encounter in the spirit of a «conversation» piece, a furnishing reminiscent of a Second Empire salon.

Presented at the Biennale de Crans-Montana in June 2023.


  • Dimensions 407 x 88 x h. 146 cm
  • Edition of 5 + 2 a.p.
  • Material Irish limestone
  • Website https://sculpturegarden.ch/crans/