Philippe Cramer creates artworks that bridge the poetic and the functional. He merges soft organic lines with strict geometric shapes, often referencing Antiquity, modern art and nature. His vision combines bold colors with the finest natural materials; his love for wood and stone paired with striking warm hues and gold accents makes him a unique voice in the art world.

Emotionally charged and compulsively expressive, Philippe’s creations explore how form and material can transcend the utility of language. His work embodies antique archetypes and the inner child, blending them with an unsettling familiarity. Known for his distillation of diverse references, his biomorphic yet abstract shapes feel talismanic not only in their atmospheric qualities but also in their playfulness.

Philippe’s work simultaneously invites and resists classification. His art emits a mysterious and ineffable lifeforce as he draws upon his unconscious and his innate sensitivity to reach the universal. Born more from instinct than reason, his art is an act rather than a concept; each creation stems from a visceral, raw sensibility and reflects his fascination with ancient artifacts and the poetry of nature.

Collaborating with meticulous and passionate Swiss artisans, Philippe produces contemporary pieces that honor age-old craftsmanship. Each artwork entices with its sensuality: a playful curve, a joyous explosion of color, the raw evidence of its materiality, and the elegance of its refined lines. Poetic, timeless and notable for their originality and quality of realization, his work attracts a public seeking exceptional pieces.

Philippe crafts enduring pieces meant to be kept, shared, and handed down, ultimately building bridges between people and ideas.

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  • Date July 10, 2024