Functional light sculpture, 2004-2023

Lacquered steel and turned aluminum.

Different dimensions and colors.

Part of the MUDAC collection https://mudac.ch/en/

Representing one of the many facets of Philippe Cramer’s creative approach, the Randogne series is the result of the combination of two seemingly opposite elements: the ancestral archetype of the anthropomorphic idol and contemporary laser cutting technique.

The work of Philippe Cramer makes multiple references to the Ancient World, appearing as much in his affection for traditional craftsmanship as in his fascination for millennial symbols.

However, this series also takes shape thanks to a contemporary industrial process: computer-assisted laser cutting allows the different elements of each model to be perfectly calibrated.

The narrative and sculptural aspects of these sculptures feed the imagination as they resemble benevolent Cyclops illuminating the viewer with their central eye, both solemn and joyful.

Due to the use of mirrored light bulbs, the indirect lighting of the lamps also creates a radiant eclipse effect around the perimeter of the central disc, emphasizing the allegorical dimension of the work.

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      Philippe Cramer - Geneva Designer

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